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harbourEmbark on an 'Online Sail' with Captain Jean-Baptiste Girroir as a first-mate aboard the J.W. Bridgeman and get 'free passage' for being the first to bring the vessel into your 'port'!

sailingYou can also request your choice of Captain and help sail the whole fleet as you set out as part of a Coastal Journey from port-to-port around the globe. Share your favorite Captain's information on our blog at the bottom of the 'Our Story' page and share 'Your Story' with us!

Don't have a port nearby? No worries, The Captain and his sturdy steed is equipped to bring the cargo to your portal address!


* Be the first in your county to order a second bag of coffee from la goélette à Pépé Café  and enjoy free shipping!  La goélette is also extending this offer to the first repeat custmer in any province in Canada or any state in the United States.

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