Roast: Dark
Origin: Honduras & Peru

At the time of the Expulsion, two brothers disarmed by the English, created spears using porcupine quills. Unnerved, one mistook the other as a danger and stuck him. The other screamed, 'Maudit Madouece!' meaning 'Damn Porcupine'. Forever after, these Boudreau's have been known as 'Les Madouesse'.

Strength of character, unrelenting passion and yielding the best results; les Madouesse family of Boudreau's stands apart…

Strong, dark and proud, this bold and incredibly smooth dark roast is rooted in tradition and cultural experience. Enjoy!

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Size: 2oz Bag


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Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 11.43 x 15.24 cm


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