Roast: Dark
Origin: Indonesia & Sumatra

The bustling days of wooden ships and canvas sails brought prosperity to Isle Madame and Arichat became a major port of call for vessels involved in the triangular coastal trade-fish to the Caribbean for rum and molasses, and Europe for sophisticated manufactured goods.

In the 1830's, as many as 60 vessels per year were built in Arichat! Two and three-masted schooners, many owned and operated by accomplished local men like Thomas LeNoire, Charles Boudrot, Benjamin Girroir, Isadore LeBlanc to name a few.

Prosperous and confident, Arichat boasted five forges and 24 wharves , a cathedral to serve their souls and a college (which became St. Francis Xavier University) to broaden their minds.

Dark, smooth and soothing…the taste of Prosperity!

Size: 12oz Bag


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